Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tool Ten

My students need to be aware of the pitfalls in the digital world. I would have them discuss and brain storm about:
A.   How they can collaborate with other people in a safe Internet environment
and what a safe environment looks like.
B.   Technology is great, but they must also work with partners on a real time basis and find time for people in their world.
C.   Discuss the Spring Branch ISD digital right codes and how to properly use the Internet in a school setting.
I can share information with parents by placing it on my website. However, I think Schools, not individual teachers, should take on this responsibility.  The school needs to include this information (not just a technology form!) in students’ handbook and have parents sign that they accessed the online information and videos.  We should also have a students’ assembly on digital responsibility where students can watch these videos.

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