Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tool Seven

I checked the tutorials and looked at some of the sites. I did find some ideas for Skype projects from the website. I feel that most of these would be easier with an elementary classroom, just based on the fact that we don't have time in class if we want to fulfill the curriculum requirements. I have an account in Skype and I asked students who own a portable device ( such as an i-Pad) to download Skype. It can also be downloaded to certain types of phone , such as my Droid. Here are possible is projects.
  1. Government students can contact their representative in Congress and discuss current bills that are being considered in the House and how the legislative process works. 
  2. Government students will compare types of governments from around the world.  They could speak with foreign government officials to get comparison information with our American government.  I will use Skype with other teachers, as soon as they have their device and they can use it.
  3. Students in my economics classes can talk to students in Europe about various topic. Since my students will communicate in English it may be hard for European students to understand the American slang.

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