Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tool Nine

1. I think that technology tied to the objective makes it easier for students to learn and for teacher to monitor and facilitate that learning. Students use technology every day in their lives.
2.  All my students are accountable whether is for their individual work or stations/centers. They will rise to the occasion, if you allow them to take on responsibilities.
3.  The SBISD interactive database can be useful to my students. The students would have to have clear instructions as to how to use sites and what they would need to write. i also found interesting apps at Tools for the 21th Century Learner ( SBISD data base for apps): especially Animoto videos. I plan to use this tool.
4. The following are some of the apps for iPod touch/iPad, but I would need the device to experiment with them, before i use them in class:
 i Talk Recorder,  Audio Boo, Audio Pal, History: Maps of  World.
5. I can't wait to get the new devices! My government students can create projects, prepare for the SAT, use review games and maybe create a few.  Each learner can record their answers and make comments on each other' answers and use timers when they record themselves, so they can be ready for the A.P. exam.

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