Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tool Eleven

It has been a headach; more than 30 hours+ before or after school,  and more hours spent during lunch or study hall blogging. 
1. What my favorite tool is?  I like Animoto ( it is new for me), but I regularly use YouTube with their videos both for government and economics. Blogging is very familiar, too.
I also love the ACTIV Board. I have made a lot of flip charts and I am getting better. The students enjoy using it and are active on it (hence: ACTIV Board) and they are really eager to participate. Dual pens allow students to work together. If I use it to introduce a new concept, I make sure that what is essential for the curriculum gets posted on line at my website, so I have files that duplicate ACTIV Board flip-charts. 
I like virtual tours, too. You can visit a city , a monument or a museum in 3 D. It's really awesome! 
2.  My vision has not really changed, I always loved technology. I have always wanted to experiment--even if at times it did not work- or I got stuck-- but I always keep trying...

What I need is more training on the new gadgets to be able to SUCCESSFULLY incorporate them into my lesson plans.  It is essential for technology to be a tool not an end result.
3. The surprise was that the 11 Tools took a lot longer than expected.
 I knew there are tools and Apps out there, but I did not realize how many!