Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tool Eight

Each classroom will be 4 Netbooks and 4 i-Pads. I can’t wait to get the new technology for my students.
1.    I watched the video and set up an account at I-Tunes through my Spring Branch E-mail, after I downloaded the latest version of I-Tunes from Kace. When I get an i-Pad, I will sink Dragon dictation and other apps onto the device.
2.    I learned that I can manage all my technology through my computer!
3.    I have used vocaroo with my students of French to practice for the A.P. and record a file in the computer (then they sent me the file by E-mail). Hewover,  it did not always work on the old desktops that we have in my room.
4.    I watched the video on Netbooks. I will be able to create videos and vodcasts with the Netbook. I also learned that I can connect the Netbooks to the projector This is fantastic, because it will allow my students to project their work and their documents without having to download it to my computer with a flash drive or to speak and hear their voices, without using old-fashioned tape-recorders!
5.    I will need to watch the video again, when it is time to use the Netbook. I found the directions a little overwhelming. I am sure we will get in-service on both Netbooks as well as I-Pads.

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