Monday, January 9, 2012

Tool Two

I joined with an online community and participated in a PLN.  I am o.k. about sharing my thoughts publicly in a blog; I just don't understand why blogging is better than email. I'm left with a feeling that this really wont help me be a better teacher. I'm trying to be open minded about new technology; but right now all I see is this task is taking time away from more productive activities.
Here is a site  of interest to me.
I plan to explore it more fully and to invite friends.
As part of Tool 2, I posted five comments on other blogs. Can you post a comment of mine?


  1. I cannot tell a lie - I do love your Avatar. He has swagger! I can't see which 5 blogs you commented on here but is there a particular comment you want to share with everyone? Go back to that blog and copy and paste it into an email to me and we'll see. You're not called TigerMan for nothin'! LOL

  2. I read your comment to Beth about adding Blogger to your FaceBook. It's in your setting of Facebook - you're basically adding your blog to your FaceBook account. I haven't made that leap yet - probably because I don't visit my FaceBook account very much.