Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tool Four

For Google Apps: I created a document and sent it to Gregg Daileda, Lee Berlet, and Jason Mauss to edit/revise, or write comments. It was fairly easy to do. 
I also created a form in Google Docs and shared it with colleagues. Real time editing is a really valuable tool. I got a couple of quick responses, which is amazing...

I think this can be a good tool to easily create certain types of activities such as quizzes, test, or road maps, etc. It will help facilitate collaborating with colleagues. 

Tool Three

I checked Youtube, which I use already in my teaching. 
Discovery Education offers free teaching videos. I was looking for videos on the recent banking meltdown but could not find any. When we get the iPad, I will download a video from Discovery Education. 
I ended up checking out Youtube, where I found a funny music video about the banking meltdown, and a second video explaining it.  I plan to use the music video to hook student interest in the lesson then show the informative video over this topic.

Copyright laws: It is great that they are flexible for educators. Let's not take it for granted. The video on copyright laws was a little dumb; but informative.

We have posted a lesson on Drop Box.

Fear the Boom and Bust" a Hayek vs. Keynes Rap Anthem

"Fear the Boom" - The Austrian Theory

Monday, January 9, 2012

Tool Two

I joined with an online community and participated in a PLN.  I am o.k. about sharing my thoughts publicly in a blog; I just don't understand why blogging is better than email. I'm left with a feeling that this really wont help me be a better teacher. I'm trying to be open minded about new technology; but right now all I see is this task is taking time away from more productive activities.
Here is a site  of interest to me.
I plan to explore it more fully and to invite friends.
As part of Tool 2, I posted five comments on other blogs. Can you post a comment of mine?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tool One

I was told that I could post during or after school hours.  Since I have already have 30 non-contract hours, and I see no reason to complete this project on my time, I will be posting during my contract day.  I started my blog, but I did not like the voki. I wish we could just put our picture on like we did with our web page.  Also, having a blog and a web page seems over kill.
What do you think?