Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tool Eleven

It has been a headach; more than 30 hours+ before or after school,  and more hours spent during lunch or study hall blogging. 
1. What my favorite tool is?  I like Animoto ( it is new for me), but I regularly use YouTube with their videos both for government and economics. Blogging is very familiar, too.
I also love the ACTIV Board. I have made a lot of flip charts and I am getting better. The students enjoy using it and are active on it (hence: ACTIV Board) and they are really eager to participate. Dual pens allow students to work together. If I use it to introduce a new concept, I make sure that what is essential for the curriculum gets posted on line at my website, so I have files that duplicate ACTIV Board flip-charts. 
I like virtual tours, too. You can visit a city , a monument or a museum in 3 D. It's really awesome! 
2.  My vision has not really changed, I always loved technology. I have always wanted to experiment--even if at times it did not work- or I got stuck-- but I always keep trying...

What I need is more training on the new gadgets to be able to SUCCESSFULLY incorporate them into my lesson plans.  It is essential for technology to be a tool not an end result.
3. The surprise was that the 11 Tools took a lot longer than expected.
 I knew there are tools and Apps out there, but I did not realize how many!

Tool Ten

My students need to be aware of the pitfalls in the digital world. I would have them discuss and brain storm about:
A.   How they can collaborate with other people in a safe Internet environment
and what a safe environment looks like.
B.   Technology is great, but they must also work with partners on a real time basis and find time for people in their world.
C.   Discuss the Spring Branch ISD digital right codes and how to properly use the Internet in a school setting.
I can share information with parents by placing it on my website. However, I think Schools, not individual teachers, should take on this responsibility.  The school needs to include this information (not just a technology form!) in students’ handbook and have parents sign that they accessed the online information and videos.  We should also have a students’ assembly on digital responsibility where students can watch these videos.

Tool Nine

1. I think that technology tied to the objective makes it easier for students to learn and for teacher to monitor and facilitate that learning. Students use technology every day in their lives.
2.  All my students are accountable whether is for their individual work or stations/centers. They will rise to the occasion, if you allow them to take on responsibilities.
3.  The SBISD interactive database can be useful to my students. The students would have to have clear instructions as to how to use sites and what they would need to write. i also found interesting apps at Tools for the 21th Century Learner ( SBISD data base for apps): especially Animoto videos. I plan to use this tool.
4. The following are some of the apps for iPod touch/iPad, but I would need the device to experiment with them, before i use them in class:
 i Talk Recorder,  Audio Boo, Audio Pal, History: Maps of  World.
5. I can't wait to get the new devices! My government students can create projects, prepare for the SAT, use review games and maybe create a few.  Each learner can record their answers and make comments on each other' answers and use timers when they record themselves, so they can be ready for the A.P. exam.

Tool Eight

Each classroom will be 4 Netbooks and 4 i-Pads. I can’t wait to get the new technology for my students.
1.    I watched the video and set up an account at I-Tunes through my Spring Branch E-mail, after I downloaded the latest version of I-Tunes from Kace. When I get an i-Pad, I will sink Dragon dictation and other apps onto the device.
2.    I learned that I can manage all my technology through my computer!
3.    I have used vocaroo with my students of French to practice for the A.P. and record a file in the computer (then they sent me the file by E-mail). Hewover,  it did not always work on the old desktops that we have in my room.
4.    I watched the video on Netbooks. I will be able to create videos and vodcasts with the Netbook. I also learned that I can connect the Netbooks to the projector This is fantastic, because it will allow my students to project their work and their documents without having to download it to my computer with a flash drive or to speak and hear their voices, without using old-fashioned tape-recorders!
5.    I will need to watch the video again, when it is time to use the Netbook. I found the directions a little overwhelming. I am sure we will get in-service on both Netbooks as well as I-Pads.

Tool Seven

I checked the tutorials and looked at some of the sites. I did find some ideas for Skype projects from the website. I feel that most of these would be easier with an elementary classroom, just based on the fact that we don't have time in class if we want to fulfill the curriculum requirements. I have an account in Skype and I asked students who own a portable device ( such as an i-Pad) to download Skype. It can also be downloaded to certain types of phone , such as my Droid. Here are possible is projects.
  1. Government students can contact their representative in Congress and discuss current bills that are being considered in the House and how the legislative process works. 
  2. Government students will compare types of governments from around the world.  They could speak with foreign government officials to get comparison information with our American government.  I will use Skype with other teachers, as soon as they have their device and they can use it.
  3. Students in my economics classes can talk to students in Europe about various topic. Since my students will communicate in English it may be hard for European students to understand the American slang.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tool Six

I have created a review for the AP Exam in Google docs.  It is listed below.  As part of their preparation for the College Board exam in Macroeconomics, students are access the doc.  Students can quiz themselves by clicking the poll below.  Students are encouraged to post comments and suggestions about the links.

AP Macro-Semester Review
Economic Poll

Tool Five

U.S. Governemnt